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Pension Transfer Reports


At Pension Triage, we compile bespoke pension transfer reports for a wide range of clients. These reports compare the benefits that were expected to be available from the transferred funds, had they been invested in line with the recommended portfolio, against the benefits that would have been payable by the scheme had the transfer not taken place.

The comparison is undertaken assuming that withdrawals are made from the invested funds equal to those which would have been paid out by the DB scheme had the transfer not taken place.

Using a stochastic projection model for the invested funds, we are able to calculate a probability of the funds being able to support the withdrawals to a pre-determined age, the age being based on the life expectancy for the member at the date of the advice.


Contact us if you need to have a bespoke pension transfer report for your case.




Redress Report

Whilst we do not believe that the current redress methodology is appropriate, the reality of the situation is that the redress has to be calculated in accordance with the FCA rules.

Unless the rules for calculating the redress changes, the redress must be calculated by comparing the value of the transferred funds with the cost of purchasing replacement benefits in the form of an annuity, the difference being the basis for the monetary compensation payment.

Our redress reports detail the potential redress that could be payable should a claim be upheld.


TVAS/TVC Reports

To ensure that your DB Advice file is fully compliant it will need a TVAS/TVC report. Whilst the majority of advice files will contain a TVAS/TVC report, it may be that they are lacking from some files.

We are able to provide you with a TVAS/TVC report to replicate the report that is missing, we will use the calculation date and assumptions that are applicable to the advice date.

You may already have a TVAS/TVC report and want a second independent report, if so, we will be happy to provide this for you.

Report Costs

British Steel Transfer Report

British Steel Redress Report

"Actual Loss" Redress Report

British Steel TVAS/TVC Report

 £595 + VAT

 £595 + VAT

£795 + VAT

£450 - £595 + VAT

depending on CETV size





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 Frequently Asked Questions



Who completes the reports?

All our reports are signed off by a fully qualified Actuary who are specialist in the area of final salary pension transfers.


Can we use our investment portfolio in the report?

Yes, we would use the asset mix that the member was invested in, this then ensures that the report projections are as accurate as possible.


When can we expect to receive a report?

We aim to issue reports within 15 working days of receiving the order along with complete information.


Do you offer discounts?

We will apply a 10% discount for orders of 5 or more reports.


Do you provide reports on schemes other than British Steel?

Yes, we are able to provide bespoke pension reports for other schemes.