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Pension Triage Ltd are skilled and experienced Pensions Actuaries. We provide comprehensive pension transfer reports for Financial Advisors and Pensions Advisors, enabling them to defend themselves from complaints and claims. With the aid of our pension transfer reports, Independent Financial Advisors can compile expert evidence and defend against their claim fairly.

Our reports are thorough and comprehensive, and our Actuaries will ensure accuracy and quality at all times. Contact us today to speak to us about your case, and see how we can help.

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  • Our qualifications and experience with final salary pension transfers makes us specialists in this area
  • Our actuaries ensure quality and accuracy on all our calculations and reports
  • We are committed to providing a professional service at all times

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British Steel Pensions

Many of the cases we handle are for pension transfer reports relating to the British Steel Pension Scheme and our reports can help Financial Advisors involved in these transfers defend their reputations.

Our analysis of 70 British Steel Transfers show that, in 83% of the transfers, the transferred funds are able to more than match the pension payments of the British Steel Pension Scheme to the members’ life expectancy.

Our pension transfer reports use Stochastic Modelling to show the probability that a specific scheme member's transfer value would be able to match the payments that would have been payable from the British Steel Pension Scheme and therefore helping to support your transfer advice recommendation.


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Helping you to even the playing field

In our opinion the FCA methodology employed in calculating redress is flawed and the decision to uphold complaints does not take into account the financial viability of the transfer at the date of advice. This in turn may have severe consequences for the Pensions Advice industry, and Pension Triage Ltd helps to defend against this.

We provide bespoke pension transfer reports for financial advisors enabling them to have the information and expertise on hand in instances of receiving a pension transfer complaint.





Redress Reports

Pension Actuarial Firm in Pontefract

Our redress reports ensure that an accurate redress amount is calculated and each report is signed off by a Specialist Pensions Actuary.

Redress is calculated by comparing the value of the transferred funds with the cost of purchasing replacement benefits, with the difference being the basis for the monetary compensation payment.


TVAS / TVC Reports

Pension Actuarial Firm in Pontefract

We also provide TVAS (Transfer Value Analysis) and TVC (Transfer Value Comparator) reports. You will need these alongside your advice file to be compliant.

Whether your filing is missing these reports, or you’d like a second opinion, we can assemble thorough and accurate reports for your records.





Handling the Pensions Ombudsman 

Our attention to detail and professional approach ensures that if the Pensions Ombudsman does rule against you, that the amount of redress involved is an accurate amount.

We will use our expertise and experience to calculate the difference in the value of the OPS benefits and the value placed on the transferred funds, and ensure that any redress payable is accurate.  


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